When it is time to find someone to take care of our elderly loved ones, residential nursing facilities often come to mind. But the problem with moving your family members into a nursing facility is not only the fact that their entire life is being uprooted, but they may also experience feelings of abandonment. This is particularly true to elderly individuals who have been living with family or having family members come to take care of them multiple times a week. By choosing a White Oak Home Care in-home caregiver, you are allowing your loved one to stay right where they are comfortable. Our caregivers will come into your loved one’s home and ensure that everything is taken care of. This means that your family member can continue to enjoy visits from family and friends without the hassle of dealing with a long-term care facility.

Benefits of in-home care as opposed to traditional care facilities:
    • familiar, comfortable surroundings
    • maintenance of cognitive abilities for longer periods of time
    • improved mobility
    • more affordable
    • more personalized, individualized care
    • lessened feeling of abandonment
    • more privacy

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