Maintaining mobility is a major part of retaining independence as we age. At WOHC, every client receives a mobility assessment by a medical professional at the start of their care. This allows our in-home caregivers to take appropriate, individualized measures to aid in the maintenance of mobility. According to the National Institute on Aging, retained mobility and staying at home longer go hand in hand. Our caregivers will help your loved one to continue to move in ways that work for them, allowing them to retain independence while still being kept safe from falls. This means that your family members are able to safely and happily stay living in their home for longer.

Benefits of in-home care as opposed to traditional care facilities:
    • familiar, comfortable surroundings
    • maintenance of cognitive abilities for longer periods of time
    • improved mobility
    • more affordable
    • more personalized, individualized care
    • lessened feeling of abandonment
    • more privacy

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